Sunday, April 19, 2009

News from the farm!

Well you know spring has arrived for sure when baby animals start to make an appearance!

On Friday our first goat presented us with a set of triplets and yesterday a second goat had a pair of baby does. The triplets got off to a rough start after a difficult delivery with the third kid coming as a complete surprise but they are gaining every day. Both does are first time mothers so need to be watched closely but happily their maternal instinct is strong and they are taking good care of the kids. We have 6 more does due to kid with a few of them as big as houses so over the next few weeks we should have a whole bunch of baby goats running around the place. It always seems as soon as the first doe kids the rest of them get the idea and Ron and I spend all our time running back and forth to the barn!
I don't think there is anything as cute or precocious as a baby goat and I spent some time this morning trying to capture some of that newborn cuteness.