Friday, March 28, 2014

Imagequine Travels, past and future!

Hello Friends! I hope you all survived the winter OK, I know for many of us it was long, hard and challenging! We have had our fair share of snow, wind and cold here and hope that warmer
weather and green grass gets here soon! I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog. Sometimes I wonder if people still read them but according to my stats people are still visiting so I thought I would try and bring you up to date on my recent as well as upcoming travels!

While there is not much horse photography to be done during the winter months I have been trying to get out on a regular basis to look for raptors and have been rewarded with some good sightings of Snowy Owls, Bald Eagles and various raptors. Just this week there has been a lot of migratory activity, always a good indicator of the change of seasons. Recently I was lucky enough to catch a quick glimpse of what I am fairly certain was a bobcat right here on our own property!

Last November I organized a workshop for my friend Scott Trees in the Fort Worth, Texas area and we had the opportunity to visit some beautiful locations and photograph some great horses! Enjoy my gallery of this event.

Scott and I will be working together to lead our annual
photo workshop at Sombrero Ranch which is followed by the Great American Horse Drive. This will be my ninth year attending. This event is always a highlight for me. What could be better than being surrounded by hundreds of horses under the vast Colorado sky?

Scott and I are also working together on a
workshop in November in Thousand Oaks, California. This should be a good one, and I am looking forward to exploring this part of the country!

Earlier this winter I was lucky enough to get out of the cold for a little while and spend some

time at the Flying E Ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona again to enjoy some mild desert weather and the wonderful hospitality of the staff there!
From Wickenburg I traveled north to Cody, Wyoming for a week long retreat of winter photography with a great group of ladies at the Hideout Ranch in Shell Wyoming. It was a magical time of snow, horses, cowboys and fun in an absolutely amazing location and we are looking forward to returning and doing it all again in February of 2015. Drop me an email if you would like to be on the email list for this one!

Other photo retreats I will be hosting this year will be to Iceland in June with my friend Phyllis Burchett and our annual women's retreat in August at the Powderhorn Ranch in Wyoming. Interested in joining us? Please get in touch!
I have a busy year coming up and my travel schedule is outlined below, please drop me an email if you would like to arrange a visit for while I am in the area.

April: Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesee
May: Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota
June: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia
August: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington
October: New England
November: California
Ongoing: New York, New England, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
If you know of a "must see" attraction in any of these areas please let me know.

I have a lengthy list of equine "needs" of subjects I am seeking to photograph. Please drop me an email with "Imagequine Photo Needs" in the subject line and I will send that to you.

I am seeking to work with rescue groups on a volunteer basis to provide them with images to help promote their rescue as well as place adoptable horses in homes, if you know of a place or are a rescue worker who would like to take advantage please don't hesitate to get in touch!