Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saying Goodbye

(Taliszman x Rushcreek Guna)
The animals that live with us are family members and we have been with many of them as they were humanely put to rest. Some have lived long, happy, healthy lives and laying them down has been bittersweet, but something we were able to prepare ourselves for, others we lost before their lives had barely begun and those have been harder to swallow. It never gets any easier and the worst thing of all is seeing an animal in such pain that the only real option we have is to release them from that pain.
Unfortunately yesterday was such a day when I had to make this decision for my gelding Gulliver, a big, stong, healthy horse that was bred and born here 15 years ago. He and his two bay sisters were always a trio, and being the only gelding in my little herd never seemed to faze him. Doing chores last night felt so strange and the place he left empty was a big gaping hole. Life is always changing, and our time here is so fleeting, please take a moment to appreciate all you have and take good care of those four legged babies that depend on us for so much.