Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Horse Radio Network Interviews

I have found since most of my online presence is on facebook that when I go to look for an old link to share it can be a real challenge actually finding it, so I am going to make more of an effort to share these links through my blog on a (semi) regular basis. I hope you find these links interesting and useful, and maybe entertaining also!
A while back my friend and colleague Scott Trees and I were interviewed about horse photography by Glenn from the Horse Radio Network for the Stable Scoop Radio Show. It's hard to believe that was in 2008! But it's a fun interview and contains some useful tips. More recently I have started doing photo tips for them again, and there is actually a great archive of photo tips here from both Scott and myself.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter Catch Up!

Well I must apologize for having neglected this blog for so long. It is a dreary Saturday afternoon so I thought I would sit and catch up on my latest travels, although things do tend to be quiet this time of year.
In November I traveled to California where I organized a photo workshop for my friend Scott Trees. We had a great group of people and a perfect location at the Santa Rosa Equestrian Center and were blessed with perfect weather and lovely light. We were treated to a nice variety of horses and models, it was a very fun and enjoyable workshop in a beautiful part of the country. After the workshop I drove from Santa Rosa up to Seattle to visit my daughter that had recently moved there. From spectacular coast line to old growth forests, mountain passes and pristine high deserts it was a treat for me to be able to explore a part of the country that I have never had the chance to see before.
In December I met up with some friends in Chincoteague, Virginia. Unfortunately this area is still recovering from the impact of Hurricane Sandy and the snow geese had not yet arrived so the photo ops were limited this time. We did however find a group of ponies in the wild life loop and went for a boat ride while the weather was nice enough that we were only half frozen by the time we got back...
We have had our share of snow this winter, and some temps down around zero, but the days are getting longer so let's hope spring is just around the corner! I was able to take a little break from winter earlier in February and traveled to Arizona for some fun in the sun with some friends at the Flying E Dude Ranch in Wickenburg. What a treat! From sunny, bright blue sky days and brilliant stars at night to cowboys and horses and cows, the highlight of this trip was a brief encounter with a bobcat that I will never forget! Speaking of Wickenburg, I am pleased and honored to have been invited back to participate in the second Cowgirls with Camera Show at the Desert Caballeros Museum, if you are in the area stop in and take a look, there will be some great work hanging at this show!
I also explored more of Arizona and have a new appreciation for the wonderful and diverse landscapes of this region. Yes, I love to travel! Upcoming travels for the year include Colorado, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Wyoming .... and France!