Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Summer Solstice!

This photo was taken this past Wednesday during the last light of the summer solstice. I have been fascinated with reflection photos for some time, a new perspective is always good for the soul. The summer solstice project is a good motivator to get out and shoot even if it may be so hot you almost don't do it!
I have been doing a lot of traveling and gotten to see some amazing horses and places but it is always nice to be home too. As long as the days are time seems especially short this time of year!

I made the trip to visit my daughter in North Carolina and made some stops along the way at Deep Creek Farm Fjords, Quietude Morgans and Tudane Farm. In addition I spent some time photographing in some of the most amazing Amish country in Pennsylvania and New York. Also make sure you visit my earlier travel galleries from the Desert Southwest, Florida and Colorado.