Friday, February 20, 2009

Winter Weekend Fun

I spent a lovely winter weekend with some photographer friends recently for some informal shooting but mostly for visiting and fun. We picked the perfect weather and had some good light and warm temperatures, and it was nice to be out and around horses and enjoying the company of fellow photographers and horse lovers.
Kathy Mathew and her barn friends at Mistover showed off some of their horses and a couple of Warmblood buddies romped in the snow for us.

Kathy showed off her boy Jack, what a cute pair!

Carole Paterno and her lovely new warmblood Loretto. What a beautiful head and eye this horse has! All the photos from this shoot may be seen here.

The following day we visited the Kriz farm in Connecticut. What a privelege it was to spend time with this well known family. I spent quite a bit of time enjoying the photos and articles on the huge wall of the shop and the company of 91 year old Uncle Joe Kriz who seemed to enjoy the attention from the girls with cameras! In between visiting we admired the biggest pile of horseshoes in the world and photographed a draft horse or two! Here are more photos.

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