Friday, March 20, 2009

More Workshop Photos

The second group was treated to some great locations and more warm, sunny weather. Hard to imagine cold weather in other parts of the country when you are here!
Our first stop was Shangri La Lusitanos in Citra. We were treated to being able to photograph some horses that love to play and dance and show off for the cameras and some incredibly accomodating farm owners, thanks to Robert and Carolyn Crum and their trainer Whitney and friend Holly for their gracious hospitality.
Later that day we went to the INSPO training facility to photograph dressage horses as well as a Friesian at liberty. We spent some time photographing our riders, Amber and Alex from new perspectives, angles and focal lengths to expand our creativity.
Early the next morning we visited Vinery Stables, a thoroughbred training facility. This state of the art stable is a sensory overload of photo opportunities, friendly exercise riders and young thoroughbreds ready to run. Being able to photograph here is a real privelege! This faciltiy also has the first underwater treadmill and our group was able to photograph some horses being exercised here.
As if our group had not already been treated to enough horse eye candy we finished the workshop with an afternoon visit to the Live Oak CDI. We were able to see many of the world's top four in hand carriage teams competing in dressage with the Chester Weber team finishing out the day.

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Linda Shantz said...

The Lusitanos are gorgeous, Carien - esp. love the shot you included in the email about your trip! The TBs training on the farm will always be my favourites though - that's the world I love to paint! Always great to see your photos!