Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Green and a New Book!

Things always get so busy this time of year and some days I don't know if I am coming or going, it seems like there is always so much to do. With all the rain we have been getting it is unbelievably green here, and I try to take a walk with my camera every day to capture some of its beauty. My new Andalusian girl Novelera is enjoying herd life and all the abundant grazing.

The book project I shot for in 2009 "40 Fundamentals of English Riding" has been published and is now available. It is exciting to hold it in my hands and see what a great job they did with the final layout and image choices. In addition it is so well written and comes with a 90 minute Companion DVD it is an excellent read for any rider!
Soon I will be on the road to my first horse show of the year, starting with the PAHA Arabian show in Hughesville, Pennsylvania next weekend. I will be on the road as always this summer so drop me an email at to arrange a visit for when I am in your area! I plan to be in Pennsylvania, Virgina, West Virginia, Maryland and the rest of the northeast and New England.

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