Friday, July 15, 2011

July ~ barns, hay and a new dog..

This has turned out to be a beautiful July and with the latest stretch of warm and sunny weather with low humidity we have been taking advantage of the great conditions to get our hay done. It is my job to rake the hay and I must admit I enjoy this work. It can be hot and dusty and noisy, but it gives me time to reflect on things as I go around in circles as well as enjoy the company of the swallows that chase me diving for bugs and the sweet smell of the hay I know the horses will be enjoying when we are buried under snow.

I am sharing a photo of the newest member of our animal family,a sweet pit bull girl that we are fostering for the Heart of the Catskills Shelter. Come meet her and see if she is the girl for you! Go to their site and check out that cute Beagle in the header, that's our boy Patch!

Our barn project has come along swiftly and on schedule over the last few months, it's been exciting to see all of the changes! We set up a camera to capture the progress day by day, it's quite something to see things take shape. Now the fences are going up, and once the interior is finished the animals will be moved into the barn. See the new barn grow here!

Horse Progress Days is always fascinating to me and this year was no exception. See the latest in horse powered equipment at my this photo gallery of images taken at this event as well as the surrounding Amish country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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Bumby Scott said...

Thank you for sharing the photo of your newest. I am looking forward to seeing the barn up an' running. Great job!!!

Always, Bumby