Friday, December 16, 2011


Last weekend I spent some time in one of my very favorite places, Chincoteague Island in Virginia. It was an extra treat to share this special place with two photographer friends who could appreciate the peace and beauty of this special place. We saw some ponies, picked shells on the beach and enjoyed some brilliant sunsets over a pond full of thousands of snow geese as well as egrets, herons, ducks and ibis. The sunrise saw the geese take flight by the thousands and gather into their formations to head south, an awe inspiring sight. Nature is a great way to refresh yourself and help put this crazy world into perspective. Here is a gallery to the photos. As you can see this handsome young Palomino stallion spent quite a while grazing in view of our cameras and his color in the brown winter colors made for some great photo ops for us.


Joanie said...

Beautiful photographs. I love Chincoteague.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the lovely, quick trip to Chincoteague, Carien. I've always wanted to go there... Really love all your images, but especially 0199, 0365, 0442, 0612, 0617, 0733 and 0772!