Wednesday, January 14, 2015

World Class Driving in Slovenia

Drivers enjoying the beautiful
 lanes of the Lipica Stud
A Slovenian team of Lipizzaners
boldly exits one of the obstacles
During our stay at the Lipica Stud in Slovenia we were treated to some world class driving. Teams from nine countries assembled to compete for three days of combined driving.
What a treat to see these magnificent horses competing in such a beautiful setting. It was a thrill to be able to photograph the marathon and have a ring side seat to this exciting phase of this driving event. The horsemanship and skill level as the teams hit the obstacles at full speed was truly apparent, as well as the training and trust of the horse and the communication of the whips to their teams.
One pair of Haflingers were disqualified after their rig was turned over after taking a corner too fast but they calmly stopped and waited for their carriage to be righted and all disasters were averted.
What a treat to spend a perfect June day enjoying some of the best competitive driving in the world, and even though many languages could be heard, everyone had gathered for their shared love of the horse, and the closeness of the community of drivers was apparent. Many of these drivers and teams compete at the highest levels and we wish them lots of luck!
Enjoy a gallery to the images here.

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