Friday, July 25, 2008

Latest Happenings

July is flying by as it always does. All our hay is done which is always a great feeling, especially since we have had thunderstorms every day for the last week. We have had enough rain that there has been some local flooding.

Last week I went to photograph a pair of Morgan geldings for my client Debbie Gunset, I will have some of my favorite photos from this shoot to share soon.

Today I head to the local humane shelter to photograph the dogs and cats. We are working on creating a calendar for a fundraiser and I am looking forward to this project, I think it will be a fun and exciting challenge. I even treated myself to a new lens for this so I am excited to try it out.

We have had family to visit which is always a nice diversion, Ron's sister Lois from Minneapolis and our daughter Shelby from New Orleans..around here it's nine months of winter and three months of guests, but we know how lucky we are to live in this beautiful place and enjoy sharing it when everything is lush and green. We even have a white heron on the pond which is a first, and blueberries are ripening on the hill.

This weekend I will be photographing at the Finger Lakes Fjord Horse Show. I think Fjord horses are one of the most photogenic breed to photograph, I always enjoy photographing them.

Until the next time, enjoy the weather!

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