Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching Up

When I got home from my Colorado trip earlier this month I promptly came down with a great case of flu and that really knocked me off schedule. I was hoping to keep everyone updated on the drive and other happenings but besides being sick things just got too busy and that didn't happen. I am grateful that I got home before I got sick and was able to just suffer through it and get better here instead of on the road! I still have a bit of a cough but am better now and have been diligently going through all the photos from the workshop and drive. I hope to have the galleries up in the next few days, and will share some favorite photos here as well. In the meantime I thought you would all enjoy seeing some photos of my photographer friends so you can see what a fun time it is to be able to photograph this event!
Even though the trip to Colorado is always such a great adventure and such an awesome part of the world I don't think there is any place as beautiful this time of year as my very own corner of the world, the lovely western Catskills. Everything is green and blooming, the grass is growing and the horses are getting fat and shiney on all the lush pasture. We have been preparing gardens and planting vegetables and flowers and enjoying the view from our deck. The baby goats and new baby calf are all growing and lots of the local farmers are well into their first cutting of hay. I head down to my first horse show of the year this weekend, the NCE Pennsylvania Arabian Horse Show in Hughesville, Pennsylvania. This is a show I have been shooting for over 20 years now and I always enjoy attending this one.
On Monday, June 1, I start my online course, the Basics of Equine Photography. If you want to improve your equine photography then join me! You can work at your convenience and you are sure to improve your photography skills!

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