Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Outer Banks, Wild Ponies and more

I started my trip by spending the night in Chincoteague, Virgina. This place instills a sense of peace in me and I always make the point to get up early to see the sunrise over the marshes. As always I was not disappointed! I capturd this scene with my new wide angle 17-30mm lens.

The following day I drove to Corolla, North Carolina to catch up with Corolla native and fellow photographer Jared Lloyd to photograph the wild ponies there. Seeing this small band of horses trying to survive with diminishing habitat, human encroachment and declining fertility and mortality rates makes me wonder how much longer we will be able to enjoy these hardy little horses on the outer banks. In addition to the ponies we enjoyed the birdlife which included squadrons of pelicans, nesting ospreys and the usual assortment of sea fowl, egrets and even the occasional turtle.

A few days later I took the ferry, accompanied by dolphins, to Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia and spent a day hiking around the island. I did see a few ponies grazing in the Dungeness Ruins but was more impressed by the spectacular trees on this island and the unspoiled and peaceful atmosphere. I hope to visit again soon!

Stay tuned as I continue my trip to Florida in search of some of the world's most beautiful horses to photograph along with some other subjects that catch my eye! I hope that you are seeing signs of spring in your part of the world.

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